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Blu Capital Resources, LLC is a financial advisory firm that raises capital and finds financing solutions for its clients. We work with specialty finance companies and institutional lenders to help our clients finance working capital needs, equipment financing, term loans, specialty-financing needs, real estate financing, acquisitions and equity capital. We help companies in all industries, including oil & gas, oil- field services and cannabis industry.

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Financial Advisory and Consulting

Our financial advisory and consulting services are designed to help you be more successful in obtaining the financing you need.  We assist clients with planning and structuring the transaction,  putting together the information required to attract prospective lenders and investors, identifying the most likely debt and equity providers, and negotiating the best terms. 

Transaction Planning and Assessment

  1. We employ business and predictive analytics to solve financial problems, facilitate decision making and achieve better financing and business outcomes.

  2. We analyze the impact on value and risk of alternative transaction structures and the appropriate amount of leverage to be used.

  3. We put together financing and descriptive memorandum to provide the business and financial information necessary to attract prospective financing sources.

  4. We provide valuation services to help evaluate private equity investments, recapitalizations and mergers and acquisitions.

Capital Raising Services

We leverage our strong relationships with hundreds of debt and equity providers to provide flexible and unique financing solutions, custom tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We understand what these different financing sources require, and what terms, conditions and structures they will finance.  Our funding sources include:

  • Senior Secured working capital and term debt

  • DIP Financing

  • Subordinate Debt

  • Mezzanine Financing

  • Unitranche Financing

  • Majority and minority equity

The financings we arrange provide capital for a wide variety of needs, including:

  • Growth

  • Capital Expenditures

  • Acquisitions

  • Recapitalizations

  • Turnarounds

  • Private Equity Deals

  • Leverage and Management Buyouts

  • Debtor-in-Possession Financing

With all clients, our goal is to maximize their financial opportunities by creating a competitive process between financing sources that generates the best terms and the highest loan and investment amounts.  At the beginning of each assignment, based upon our initial analysis, we put together a summary of the terms and conditions a client can expect given their particular situation.  When we receive proposals from financing sources, Blu Capital Resources prepares an analysis of the terms and conditions of each of the financing proposals for the client to evaluate and pick which one they wish to accept.  We assist with negotiating the loan terms and also assist clients with providing underwriting and due diligence information requirements.

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Direct-Buys and Auctions

Blu Capital Resources, LLC can get you the cash you need on all your unused inventory, across all industries. If you have a large amount of equipment sitting in your yard, or on your property, and it is not bringing you a return on your money, contact us.  Blu Capital Resources, LLC has acquired a multitude of quality buyers through its founders many years in the Asset Disposition business. We can purchase it outright, or do a sealed bid or even an online live auction to get you the most out of your asset.

This process usually starts with an evaluation that will progress to an offer or proposal, if going the auction route.  

We feel we truly excel in auctions. We do this by bringing a lot of attention through advertisements across a multitude of platforms. We will introduce your assets for sale to the multitude of unique buyers we have around the world. Competition drives price, and that is the environment we create for our customers. Whether our client is in distress needing cash, or our client sees the value in eliminating unused inventory whether it be equipment, vehicles, or real estate - Blu Capital Resources, LLC can assist your company.


Mineral Acquisitions

Blu Capital Resources, LLC with our unique skills in oil and gas cannot only help you finance your minerals through asset based lenders, but we can help you get the cash you need quickly through our partners, Blue Darter Energy, LLC.

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Other Needs

Often times our clients have everything they need to succeed, they just require the resources and support to make a strategic jump. We can support you in your business in a multitude of strategic ways - outside of traditional restructuring or financing. If you need a group that understands the nuisances of different deals and deal structures or you just need an advisory arm or business development - Blu Capital Resources, LLC can assist you in your needs - traditional and non-traditional.